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Birthday: Extreme (Wet/Dry)

$369.99 $36.99


  • 1 Hour Party Room RentalĀ 
  • Party Host for 1 hour
  • Party Paper Goods
  • 2 Large Cheese Pizzas and 2 Pitchers of Coca-Cola products
  • Party Invitations (Available via website ONLY)
  • You must provide your own cake. (No other outside food or drink permitted; no exceptions)
  • Birthday Bags with Daytona Fun Parks, discounts and family-friendly partner discounts.

Birthday Child Receives:

  • Chance to win up to 6000 Redemption Tickets
  • 1x Free Return Waterpark Admission to be used another day!
  • Have more than one child to celebrate? For $6.00 get the above benefits for them also!

The Extreme Package gives you Fun in the Sun and Dry Attractions for the day for 8
Each Patron will receive all of the goodies from the "All Packages" area PLUS:

  • .
  • $5.00 Arcade Fun Card
  • Daytona Lagoon - Daytona's Year-Round Family Fun Center
  • (386) 254-5020
  • (386) 257-2060
  • 601 Earl Street, Daytona Beach, FL 32118